Tuesday, November 29, 2011

*Moo! Cluck! Oink!*


*i'm pretty excited to have discovered a fabulous blog whilst searching for these images...check out brain pickings 

{Dear readers, I am technically a Townie. Although for many years I lived in a cute Kent village surrounded by green meadows and fields, my heart belonged to the hustle and bustle of coastal Deal and the creative buzz of Medieval Sandwich (anyone reading this from those places might chuckle right now).  Our village had a corner shop; the towns had boutiques! Card shops! Antique shops! However I married a country-man and I have been reminded many-a-time how I really should know that rumination is not just a CBT term (and a helpful one at that!) but in fact something a cow does; hay is not just a friendly American greeting but in fact can be used to sleep on; I could go on, but instead I insist that you buy this book which I pre-ordered, such was my excitement at finding a book about the countryside that was practical and really beautiful. I unpacked it at the weekend and it hasn't left my side since.}

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