Wednesday, February 15, 2012

*scoot over cupcakes, there is a new fella in town*

Spice cake with bunting by Andrea

*from make something. i love this blog; it makes me want to drag out the two sewing machines under my bed and rustle something up right now

{I had cupcakes at my wedding 6 years ago; I eat cupcakes at every and any opportunity; I recently caved in and bought a classy glass cupcake stand. But even I have to admit I'm ready for a change...could this big boy be the cake I've been waiting for? And how cute are the flags cut with those special crinkle scissors that weigh a tonne?}


  1. May I just say, darling Jo, that although I don't often comment, I read every single one of your blog posts & love seeing what new beauteous delight has caught your eye this week :-) Mwah! XX

  2. Thanks Lau Lau!Maman emailed this through yesterday: "those scissors are called "Pinking shears"............... lovely blog as always x" Ha mother knows best!

    ReplyDelete your hand up? Yes, you over there....