Tuesday, March 6, 2012

*one for the girls*

*the most glorious wall you've ever seen, non? Yeah...seriously, its a handmade wooden wall!

*she makes

*she bakes

{I am suffering from serious life-lust. I discovered brooklyn to west quite a while ago....get me....but this amazing lady's work has been showing up all over blog world lately and I felt I had to comment. This woman is my inspiration. I heart cakes and I heart carpentry and I heart making stuff. So this gal is definitely up there in my estimations with actual real-life friends of mine who can drive JCBs and cranes, who can grow delicious vegetables and who teach people to be happier, who can cut their own hair decently and make their own furniture, who can dance and swim underwater and give sound advice and make jewelry and dresses and knock em dead cocktails. It seems I am blessed with many outrageously talented women in my life and this post is for ya'll. I heart you}

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