Sunday, November 25, 2012

*luminous and fine*

*photos reproduced with the kind permission of hiliary ann

{Pinterest gets me every time. Click, click, repin and edit....before I know it, the sky has darkened outside, my husband has given up trying to have a conversation as the dinner is left uncooked and I am concocting plans to make a 6-tier pavlova and to sew my own aprons as I'm immersed in a world of creative genius and inspiration. I know I am not alone in my obsession. There is nothing to be ashamed of people. 

Of my 35 boards and counting, my  'jewels' board is a fave, where dinky triangles, ethnic colourful beads and wonky designs seem to feature prominently; my cover love are the 'Orb Spinner' rings from an absolutely fabulous jewelry designer Hiliary Ann of Portland who sells her creations on Etsy in her lovely shop lumafina, meaning luminous and fine. Chevrons, turquoise, greys, yellows....I adore it all! Check out Hiliary's gorgeous shop right this second - and her 'about page'...inspiring for people like me who are wondering why they are letting other people have all the creative fun!}

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  1. No you are not alone.

    I borrowed your idea for a face board. :-)

    ReplyDelete your hand up? Yes, you over there....