Sunday, December 7, 2014

* i'm in love with some pots *

Oh yes, ceramics are my weakness. Handmade, earthy and versatile. I love my little yellow cups from somewhere in Notting Hill {a gift from mama!} which have been used for tea, flower buds and storing Sharpies. Thanks to Poppytalk I've fallen in the love with the muted colours of Cathy Terepocki's creations, which would look marvelous in my little NYC place and really do cheer up these succulents in the top right image. My jade plant is doing ever so well on my window sill and a nice pot would complete the look {darling husband...are you reading this?!}. Through my daily obsession Design Sponge I discovered Brit McDaniel of Paper & Clay and thought how gorgeous her Danish and Scandi-inspired pieces were, almost like they've been dipped into summertime and the colours have stuck. Imagine slurping a hot chocolate in one of her chunky mugs {bottom left}.

Live in Brooklyn and interested in learning more about ceramics? Brooklyn People's Pottery start the next round of classes on January 5th. I'd love to check them out. 

:: all photos copyright the artists ::  

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