Thursday, October 16, 2014

* brooklyn makers: raw talent *

For my first proper new gg post, I want to introduce a new category which really gets my creative juices flowing: brooklyn makers. I already follow a fabulous site called, would you believe, Brooklyn Makers, and it so if you aren't patient enough for me to slowly uncover my faves, check out this wonderful collection of handmade goodies! This area is getting expensive and congested, but I can't help feeling that I'm living in the middle of a makers paradise. More than two years ago, with palpitations and glee, I discovered brooklyn to west, the blog of ariele alasko the woodworker extraordinaire. A few years later, the 248k followers on instgram don't seem to affect her grounded, humble spirit and its exciting to me to think that she is carving away somewhere nearby! In her own words, she is a "builder, a fixer, and a do-it-myselfer", scavenging for lathe and old planks anywhere she travels. The wooden wall in her Californian restaurnat il vecchio has got me inspired for our little hallway area...or maybe I'll start with carving some spoons?

:: all photos are from the wonderful blogs linked above, copyright ariele alasko :: 

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