Saturday, May 23, 2015

* summer treats *

Happy summery weekend dear readers! I wish we were back in Blighty enjoying the Bank Holiday with friends {Pimms, Eaton Mess, tennis in the garden} but thankfully Brooklyn is sunny and bright so we will make the most of it. I've been doing a little bit of blogging for my favourite florist Ivy, Pip & Rose; tracking down beautiful floral pictures is one of my passions so its lovely to be writing for this gorgeous blog. Check it out y'all.

Some recent shots of our blooming marevllous hood in Brooklyn Heights and wonderful, spangly light in SoHo... 

Next month we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary {gasp!} and I find myself reflecting on how The Boy and I have grown as we've shared these fun years together. When we were first married, we had a little flat in South London that we crammed full of colour, patterns, pictures and clutter. We loved it. Then there was a studio room in Nigeria which we kept extremely simple and clean; the outside world in Nigeria is a colour-riot so we wanted a peaceful sanctuary. Next up was our Victorian flat in West London, with its high ceilings, beautiful fireplace, minuscule kitchen and super-strict landlord! We did our best on a tight budget, thrifting and up-cycling and borrowing with the occasional splurges. 

Here in NYC, I've found myself in another studio space and I'm finally finding my decorating groove - still on a tight budget {hello Craigslist!} but we are both getting better at only buying things that we truly love. One of my recent treats was this fun Origami Swan print from the very talented Andrea Lauren via Society6; I've also fallen in love with these cheeky tigers. Have you seen there are now l e g g i n g s available? I can't imagine I'll be brave enough to go for a pair, but if you are tempted, check out Project M, my friend Emeline's very cool graphic options, as well as these cactus badboys by Andrea Lauren. They would definitely make my Living Room Dancing sessions a bit more fun. 

Have a relaxing and interesting weekend. We are having friends over tonight for falafels and dips. Madly in love with every recipe in Amy Chaplin's gorgeous new cookbook At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen, so might attempt something delish from there too. 

Until next time!

:: all my photos are pretty crap so you probably won't want to swipe them; Society6 images copyright Andrea Lauren :: 

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