Saturday, May 23, 2015

* wooden beads yes please *

Not so long ago, I lost one of my favourite necklaces. My love had treated me to a pretty, colourful, simple string of beads from an Etsy seller as a 'thank you for moving around so much' present! After hunting around in a frantic panic, I was truly depressed, especially as the creator seems to have closed her shop so I couldn't even replace it. I know....what a spoiled brat I seem to be. One day, whilst sinking into an Instagram rabbit hole, I stumbled across an artist with whom I am now a little obsessed: Anna Joyce is a multi-talented, multi-tasking maker and mother who creates the most beautiful string necklaces from her studio in Portland, Oregon. I sent a little link to Ben {nudge nudge winkety wink} and a few days later I was proudly showing off my hand-painted, unique necklace which is a very well-qualified replacement for my original gift. Anna also makes ceramics, bags, indigo-dyed fabrics and other interesting pieces for the home. An inspiring lady indeed. 

Anna will be running a bead painting workshop on Sunday, June 14th - check out her website for more info. 

:: all images copyright Anna Joyce and my own little shot:: 

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